Growing Medicinal Mushrooms

Aloha Medicinals Inc. offers a student training program for all of those interested in the following subjects:

  • Advanced Spawn Making Techniques

  • Biological Clean Room Techniques

  • Gourmet and Medicinal Mushroom Cultivation

  • How to Organize and Run a Culture Bank

This student training program is available for any national and international applicants. For additional details please see the following:

Mushroom Scholarship Program

Program Description [PDF]

Outline [PDF]

Arrival Letter [PDF]


Mushroom Scholarship Testimonials


Hello John,


I plan to send you a note, but didn’t want much time to pass without thanking you for an excellent experience at Aloha. The five of us in the class were continually amazed and challenged by our month long


I can say that each day brought a new experience and usually something that I had not predicted. Not only did I learn much about mycelium, but I found that I delved deeply into my own self to ask questions that needed to be asked about life in general. I was totally blown away by the diversity of the people at Aloha and I enjoyed getting to know each and every one. The apartment provided such a wonderful setting to congregate and those who were available got our invitation regularly for dinner. I could have never predicted what the experience would meant to me. I must give some credit to my two roommates Katie and Emerson, who broadened my vision and were truly the most compatible people I have ever lived with, and I have lived in many group houses. They both represent what I think we can be proud to say this country has produced, independently thinking young people who are intelligent, kind, generous and thoughtful. I did not get to know Daniel and Micah to the depth that I knew Katie and Emerson, but I believe they too are very thoughtful young men. So I can only thank you again for the experience in the month of March.


I so enjoyed meeting the many people at Aloha. You have assemble a good team and individuals. Everyone was so helpful, knowledgeable and sincerely interested in us having a good experience. I enjoyed your lectures, the trip to Simply Manna, the Telluride group meeting in which you included us, the production days and interacting with all the employees. I hope in the future that I can return your generosity John. Things just all fell into place for our group. Dr. Dan’s lectures and knowledge of mycology, Brooks' hands on sessions, Matt’s insight into everything (he is wealth of knowledge), Becky’s business focus, Dan’s Cleanroom Class and guidance about the importance of sterile environments, Cody’s help in the lab and his patience with all of us and Haley’s instruction on making and pouring the agar. What a great group of people. Not to mention all the production crewwho made our time in the assembly process very positive.


Things have been busier than expected upon returning, but I am jumping right in to change some things at my farm. The list is long and so I just started in right away. I ordered the mycelium from Aloha to try the varieties Simply Manna is producing. Will see how those grow here in New Mexico. I plan to try other varieties as time goes on, but the CSA is anxious for me to get some samples to them. I had a meeting with the large local CSA here on Tuesday and things are going in a positive direction. I don’t know if I told you, but the owner of the CSA has also started a hard cider organic production facility. He is a very entrepreneurial business man and keeps the cogs well oiled with new ideas. I am sure he plans to sell this hard cider nationwide eventually, although that is speculation on my part. He told me that he also originally grew some mushroom on the sawdust, but found that the process was not compatible with what they are trying to achieve, which is deliver to the door step. In other words, he leaves the unique growing to others and focuses on the selling to the public.


I will close for now, but just wanted to say hello and thanks. I am in touch with Matt via email and we will talk also about ideas for Telluride. There are things I can do from here and I will continue to send ideas
to him as I have them. I hope I can be of some value to the effort.


All my best,



To those considering the Aloha Medicinals “Mushroom Scholarship”, this is a testimonial regarding my journey as an amateur mycologist leading up to the internship along with my thoughts upon finishing the program itself:


For the past three years, I have been heavily involved in mycology research both in theory and commercial application (such as medicinal uses and cultivation) ever since my grandfather had passed away from Leukemia. With the majority of mycologists these days being withholding of information and unwilling to educate interested mycologist up-and-comings, I had been struggling for over a year trying to get my foot in the door. I had applied to dozens of commercial mycology companies and research institutions, only to get turned down. Due to these negative experiences, I wasn’t expecting much when I stumbled across Aloha Medicinals’ scholarship program. Not knowing what to expect, I decided to give my mycological ambitions one more shot and apply. I was pessimistic about the outcome because I didn’t think I was academically qualified, considering I’m currently pursuing my bachelor’s degree. However, to my surprise, I had received a call from the President of Aloha Medicinals, Dr. John Holliday, informing me that I was accepted into the program upon him reading my essay on why I wanted to attend the scholarship program. John informed me that while they do strive to recruit interns of the highest academic quality, the staff at Aloha Medicinals welcome those who do not have a post-doctoral academic background, yet are still passionate about mycology and want to make an impact in the world regarding fungi’s many potential applications.


From the day I arrived to the program until my departure, I was welcomed by the most supporting staff an intern could ask for. Aloha Medicinals makes it a priority to hire some of the best specialists in each category of mycology (taxonomy, cultivation, spawn production, etc.), and each staff member was more than willing to not only answer all of my questions, but make the effort to find out what all of my mycological aspirations were and help me try to accomplish my future goals. Whether it be running a mushroom farm, starting a spawn company, conducting genetic culture research with access to one of the world’s largest mushroom strain culture banks, Aloha Medicinals has someone who can help answer your questions. Dr. John Holliday along with the rest of the staff are extremely passionate about mycology and want to spread their knowledge so that the industry can evolve and finally become as popular and respected as it deserves to be. I personally am striving to start a mushroom farm, and thanks to Aloha Medicinals, I have learned how to triple my potential mushroom yield while cutting my costs down to 15% of what they originally were. There is not a textbook or a website that can teach you what this internship program has to offer. Aloha Medicinals can teach you things about the industry that even most commercial companies worldwide don’t know.


Regardless of how much research you’ve conducted, I promise that you can walk away from this internship with invaluable information that you couldn’t obtain anywhere else. Believe it or not, most of the popular texts on mycology these days are actually obsolete, and the staff at Aloha Medicinals will show you the new, advanced methods in spawn production that will change the entire future of the mycology industry. I can honestly say that my future accomplishments in the commercial world of mycology will be attributed to Dr. Holliday and Aloha Medicinals’ help and guidance. I strongly encourage anyone and everyone who wants to pursue a career in mycology to attend this program. One month is a very small time investment compared to all of the knowledge you will gain- you will not regret it.


Wilson Strickland – Auburn, Alabam



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