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Serious Immune Support - 24hr/7days

Immune Assist 24/7™


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Immune Assist 24/7 ™ has become the universal product of choice for people with compromised immune function and those living in immune “hotspots” like Africa. Immune Assist 24/7 ™ anti-viral supplements are stocked in the Government hospitals and used with their most seriously ill patients on a daily basis. Immune Assist 24/7 ™ is a combination of authentic Immune Assist Micron™ - the world’s most potent immune enhancement ingredient – and direct acting antiviral compounds, for those people wanting optimum immune function in spite of viral infections.

Immune Assist 24/7 ™ can keep you healthy and vital by optimizing your immune system to locate, target and destroy invading organisms associated with sub-optimal health and aging. Regardless of how it may be used in other countries, Immune Assist 24/7 ™ is a daily dietary supplement intended to help you maintain good health, and is not intended as a substitute for any medication your doctor may prescribe.

Each time release tablet contains 320 mg of pure immune-active Heteropolysaccharides, including over 150 mg of soluble 1,3-1,6 Beta Glucans per tablet, 400 mg of unique Cordyceps species and 80 mg of EGCG with proven antiviral activity. All Natural, and Extremely Potent.

Serious Immune Support - 24hr/7days

What is Immune Assist 24/7™?
Immune Assist 24/7™ is a dietary supplement for immune system enhancement and anti-viral protection. It is for people wishing to avoid the serious illnesses and health challenges life brings. With our exposure to toxins, junk food and even as we age, our immune systems decline. Optimizing Immune Function is one of the most important steps you can take to insure your health. With optimized immune function, your chances of avoiding the common illness like colds and flues is much better. Also a strong immune system is your best support for any conventional treatment, bringing with it the best chance of healing and regaining your previous health quickly. The stronger a person's immune system, the quicker he or she will snap back from a serious illness.

Who can use Immune Assist 24/7™?
Immune Assist 24/7™ is safe, organic and all natural. It should be used as a daily supplement by anyone wanting a stronger immune system and a healthier lifestyle. It is USDA Certified Organic and Made in America.

Can it be safely used by people undergoing other therapies?
Absolutely. But please be aware Immune Assist 24/7™ is a dietary supplement only and despite of what you may have heard on the TV, radio or read in the medical journals Immune Assist 24/7™ is not being promoted as a disease treatment. If you wish to add Immune Assist 24/7™ to your treatment, you should discuss it with your doctor. This is also true of any other herb or supplement you wish to take while undergoing conventional therapy.



With so many health supplements on the market, what makes Immune Assist 24/7™ different? Has it been clinically tested on humans?
Immune Assist 24/7™ is a completely unique and new type of dietary supplement, combining immuno-modulators and direct acting anti-viral compounds derived from all natural sources. It has only been in the last few years that science has had the ability to identify and isolate the immuno-modulator compounds used in formulating Immune Assist 24/7™. These compounds have been tested in a number of different Clinical Trials, and have been found to be extremely safe and effective. They have been tested as an adjunct to conventional therapy for cancer, for Hepatitis B and for Alcoholic liver disease.

Will Immune Assist 24/7™ over-activate my immune system?
No. Immune Assist 24/7™ has not ever been known to trigger autoimmune response. Rather it works at the immune differentiation level, up- or down, optimizing immune function as needed.

IsImmune Assist 24/7™ made in America?
Yes, Immune Assist 24/7™ is made in America, using only USDA Certified Organic materials.

Proprietary Blend - U.S. and International Patents Pending


Supplement Facts

Suggested Use - 2 tablets per day
Contains - 90 tablets per bottle

Each time release tablet contains 960 mg of a proprietary blend of:
over 200 immuno-modulators of the complex polysaccharide class,
derived from the following hyphomycetes species:

  % of Daily Value
Agaricus blazei *
Cordyceps sinensis hybrid *
Lentinula edodes *
Grifola frondosa *
Ganoderma lucidum *
Coriolus versicolor *
Full Spectrum Cordyceps HEAA *
Decaffeinated EGCG from Green Tea *
Nothing More - Nothing Less  
* Daily Value Not Established



“... After a week of using this product, my energy level has increased and so far I've been healthy. I've ordered enough to last me for the next 6 months!”

-Joy C


“Great product. I have taken Immune Assist for the past 3 years ... Highly recommend.”

-Scott Higgins

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