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K-9 Immunity Plus™

K-9 Immunity Plus

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With the incredible success of K9 Immunity™ capsules, many of our veterinary clients asked if we could make an easier to administer all-in-one formula that contained all the active ingredients for helping dogs that were facing serious health challenges. These enquiries lead to the development of K9 Immunity Plus™, a chewable wafer product containing all the immune-active polysaccharides from K9 Immunity™ the Immuno-proteins from K9 Transfer Factor™, and the Omega 3 fatty acids from K9 Omega™ in an easy to use form. K9 Immunity Plus™ is made from the same pharmaceutical grade human quality raw materials, and is 100% Made in America with no imported ingredients. These are highly flavored chewable wafers, like a piece of sausage that most dogs will take with no problem.

K9 Immunity Plus™ is packaged in three sizes, according to the dog’s weight. It comes packaged for dog’s under 30 lbs, from 31-70 pounds, and for dogs over 70 pounds. By making K9 Immunity Plus™ in an all-in-one format, it is also cheaper to use than the three products purchased separately.

Same Active Ingredients – Same Great Effectiveness – All New Easier to Administer Form. K9 Immunity Plus™

Start your dog today!


Active Ingredients per 4500 mg SOFT CHEW:

Certified Organic K9 Immunity™ Immune-activating Polysaccharide Blend 600 mg

Aps 40™ Beef derived Immuno-protein concentrate 160 mg

Omega 3 Concentrate from Fish Oil 400 mg

            yielding Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA) 66 mg & Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) 44 mg

Inactive Ingredients for wafering: chicken liver, fish meal, glycerin, lecithin, maltodextrin, potato flour, potato starch, flaxseed meal, calcium propionate, mixed tocopherols, phosphoric acid.

Suggested Use

1-3 tablets per day with meals

90 count bottle of 750mg time release tablets

Supplement Facts

Serving Size - 3 tablets
Servings per container - 30

Each Daily 3 tablet dose contains 2250 mg of a proprietary formula consisting of the following:

Organic Full Spectrum Microproducts and extracts from the following mushrooms: % of Daily Value
Cordyceps sinensis Alohaensis Hybrid +*
Cordyceps sinensis CS-4 +*
Cordyceps militaris +*
Cordyceps sobolifera +*
Cordyceps ophioglossoides +*
Also Contains:
Rhodiola Rosea *
Chromium Chelate *
Magnesium Chelate *
* Daily Value Not Established
+ Ingredients Certified Organic

Other non-active ingredients: Organic Nu-Flow, Organic Rice-derived starch flow agent, Maltodextrin, Organic Tapioca Syrup, Natural Annatto-Based Color Glaze

Proprietary Blend - U.S. and International Patents Pending

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