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Performax Forte™


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Performax Forte™ - An active lifestyle is something we could all benefit from. But this can be difficult with all the demands of modern life. Performax Forte is a cutting edge herbal and mushroom formulation that may be a healthy way to help promote and support your energy levels throughout the day. Whether you are chasing the gold medal, or chasing your two year old, Performax Forte is the all-natural way to increased energy and performance. Consisting of the finest blend of Rhodiola rosea and Pure Cordyceps, with specially chelated Magnesium and Chromium for increased potency, this product is the best supplement for increased performance available today.*

Made with Organic Cordyceps, American grown on all-American ingredients, 100% vegetarian, 100% pure with no fillers or other additives. Risk Free - 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or your Money Cheerfully Refunded! It doesn’t get any better than that!

This product contains NO ingredients from China.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can Performax Forte ™ do for me?

Performax Forte ™ can turbo-charge your life! What would you do if you could flip your switch and go beyond any thing you have ever experienced?   If you could you use more stamina for day to day activities then Performax Forte ™ may be what you need to add to your daily regimen?  

What is Performax Forte ™?

Performax Forte ™ is a proprietary energy-enhancement blend, made from all natural ingredients and may maintain and support health energy levels.  Performax Forte ™ is formulated into Time-Release tablets made from a blend of Rhodiola rosea and Pure Cordyceps with chelated Magnesium and Chromium for increased potency. 


Who can use Performax Forte ™?

It is used by anyone wanting to maintain and support healthy energy levels to get through the day. Performax Forte ™ is safe and all natural. It is greatly favored by athletes, but can be used by anyone.  It is made with Pure Cordyceps and is American made, so you can be sure that Performax Forte ™ is the best possible supplement money can buy.


How do I take Performax Forte ™?

 Simply take 3 time release tablets with meals. 

Is Performax Forte ™ made in America?

Performax Forte ™ is made in America with Pure Cordyceps. It is the only product of its kind. Our unique blend of three strains of Cordyceps and modern bio-tech production methods have surpassed the potency achieved in nature.


Suggested Use

1-3 tablets per day with meals

90 count bottle of 750mg time release tablets

Supplement Facts

Serving Size - 3 tablets
Servings per container - 30

Each Daily 3 tablet dose contains 2250 mg of a proprietary formula consisting of the following:

Organic Full Spectrum Microproducts and extracts from the following mushrooms: % of Daily Value
Cordyceps sinensis +*
Cordyceps militaris +*
Also Contains:
Rhodiola Rosea *
Chromium Chelate *
Magnesium Chelate *
* Daily Value Not Established
+ Ingredients Certified Organic

Other non-active ingredients: Organic Nu-Flow, Organic Rice-derived starch flow agent, Maltodextrin, Organic Tapioca Syrup, Natural Annatto-Based Color Glaze

Proprietary Blend - U.S. and International Patents Pending


“As a mountaineer, I can say from experience that Performaxx Forte increases strength and long-term stamina, and the recovery benefits are amazing. Thanks!”

- Bob H


“I love your products, especially your Performax Forte. I am a student with long study hours, a mom with a child with autism who sleeps very little, and a runner. It has completely taken away the exhaustion I felt between my shoulder blades. An amazing product I won't do without! Thank you.”

- Jessie


“I really enjoy your products! I compete in Horse Show Jumping and love the Performax!!”

- Shirley I

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