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Aloha Medicinals Inc. is a mushroom biotechnology company, and the largest producer of 100% Organic, American grown medicinal mushrooms in the world. We are devoted to bringing the latest and most effective Medicinal Mushroom derived products to the world at reasonable prices, both for consumer use and as raw materials for formulation.


Currently over 700 companies in 56 countries use our raw materials in their branded products. Our product line includes raw materials and private label products for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical use, for both the human and veterinary health fields, as well as our own branded line of "Condition Specific" dietary supplements available direct to the public.


Our staff includes Mycologists, Microbiologists, Biochemists, Veterinary and Human Health Care Professionals from several fields. We are the actual manufacturers of the products we offer, and all of our raw materials and dietary supplement ingredients supplied to the industry are fully USDA and EU Certified Organic. We are striving to provide the public with the options they need. All our products are third-party certified Organic, non-GMO, all natural products for use in the finest Health Supplements available today. We use no fillers, preservatives or additives in our products.


With distribution in 56 countries around the world, we can supply all your needs for natural supplements and raw materials. Click on your region above to get straight to the source for your best veterinary and human health care options!


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